Episode #9 Catching Up

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Aloha friends! After being apart for over a week we have lots to catch up on with life, knitting and all sorts of things! So grab your knitting and watch this episode, I sure would love some company! After watching be sure to read the show notes to get more insight on the patterns, yarns and things mentioned in the podcast!

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We are now on iTunes! Hurrah! So be sure to email udontcallmeles and thank her for her hard work making that possible. Please take the time to give justrunknit a mahalo for readjusting our banners and artwork for iTunes and Blip.tv—both ladies are the reason you can see SHK on these sites.

Now for knitting:

Pau hana:

Focus Mel!Focus! my Camp Loopy #2 project is so done! I love it (I want it!) and I look forward to passing it on to my friend and OT specialist later this week. I will be sure to tell you ladies what she thought. Feel free to look over the project notes for details on the knitting done for it as I made it with a few adjustments.

Socks On an Island…Stranded! are so soft and wonderful. I love them! They have started an addiction for me!


Socks On A Whim! I am enjoying knitting the pattern again! Now instead of focusing on the mechanics of how to actually do the steps, I can just knit and enjoy!  I am knitting with Space Cadet Creations yarns. Stephanie, the Head Space Cadet will be working with me and Kiki of Yarn-vs.-Zombies on something SUPER BIG to be announced later this week! I am super excited about it! Be sure you are on the email list to be alerted when I blog about it this week!

Westminster Romance has gotten quite a bit of attention this week, even though you didn’t see her on the beach (for reasons I explained in the ‘cast)… A fun and rewarding knit in a beautiful yarn—if only it weren’t so eager to cling to sand!

Another Journey as of this writing I have passed the 1/3 mark for the border! Happy car knitting! (and a bit of knitting as i waited for the podcast to upload!) I love the Acadia yarn I am using…though I must confess it is quite hairy! It has such an interesting texture to it and quite a complex colour range, which you do not notice at first glance. Looking forward to hitting my mark with being pau with knitting on her this Thursday! To have your breath taken away check out these Piper FOs! You won’t believe how beautiful they are!

All other notes will be updated later this week…my hand says it is also pau hana!

Please feel free to comment below and suggest awesome GUY SOCKS for my “Pepperdine or Bust” knit! I would one to hear your thoughts!

With alohas,


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  1. Hi Mel! I’m just catching up with all your podcasts. The first one I watch was your SSK package from Megan, and she plurked abut it, so that’s how I was introduced to you. I have to tell you that I just LOVE watching people opening boxes and swap packages! It’s so fun seeing the pure joy of that!

    A little bit about me.. My name is Susan, I’m 41, I have 2 stepsons, and a husband (who also knits). My husband and I were married on the beach in Jamaica, so I absolutely love your podcasts from the beach. The sound of the ocean is just so calming and the views are awesome!

    What am I knitting? I just finished the Pei Cowl yesterday for Ravellenics and it’s currently blocking. I also finished a Mug mat, also for ravellenics. I have a few more things on the needles. I have 2 pairs of socks. 1 in a picot top sock made from Alpaca Sox yarn in a pretty blue, the other is a pair of afterthought heel socks in dancing dog dyeworks Owlies colorway with hot pink heels and toes. I’m also currently working on the seedling hat. It’s a really beautiful pattern and I’m taking my time in making it since winter is a few months away yet. A wonderful person Shull on Ravelry gifted me the pattern. And lately I’ve been working on a scarf for several months… It’s a fun knit but I’m just enjoying the process and taking my time, only working on it between items or when I need a change of pace, It’s the Moss & Bluebells scarf from Tiny Owl Knits. So that’s all the things I’m knitting. One day I hope to become a knitter who only has 1 or 2 items on needles.. but right now I want to knit ALL things!

    In your last ‘cast you were talking about having VKN’s, and I hope to join you very soon!

    I hope you have a wonderful week.



  2. Love, love your podcast and your voice is so soothing !
    Thank you!!!

  3. I’ve knit the Thuja socks for my husband a few times. We never wear socks in the summertime, and it got chilly the other day and my daughter and I had to hunt to find a matching pair! I totally understand about the boy with no socks. My daughter went off to her first year of college in Syracuse last year and “demanded” hand knit socks because it would be so cold. I made a bunch and it ended up being rather mild. So I didn’t have to knit up any this summer for her!

    I love your sweater and hope Kari appreciates it. Of course you can knit another, but will you? The sweater is going on my short list for after Ravelennics!

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for another wonderful podcast.


  5. Mahalo EVERYONE! I am glad you like the blog and moreover that you take the time to comment! It affirms what I am doing each week and brings me great delight! I am hoping when we sit again to knit and chat we will continue to have a blast! This upcoming week you all are going camping with me and the fam!

  6. What about Ladder of Life Toe Up Socks?

  7. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to proper beach. You remind me I need to rectify this soon! I’ve never knit socks for a guy, but I have the yarn ready for my first pair for my brother, I like the Mr. Pitt’s Socks (aka Dad Socks) on Ravelry. They look simple for a nice variegated yarn or stripes even. :)

  8. You are delight. Thanks for a refreshing podcast…the view was amazing! Ahhhh Hawaii!

  9. Hi Melissa, great episode. Agree with the above comments on the Focus.
    The waves and wind sounds were very pleasant.
    until next time,

  10. I agree that your Focus was lovely, and suited you perfectly!Let us know how it goes when you give it to your OT at dinner. As far as sock pattern suggestions for Pepperdine or Bust, maybe the Warm and Cozy sock or Fit Well socks, both free patterns on Rav. Both look quick and suitable, but the warm and Cozy may need heavier yarn than the Patons.

  11. I can’t help you with guy sock suggestions, but I *am* going to favorite the Dude socks. That’s what my granddaughter calls my husband :-D

  12. I was sooo glad to see you’ve posted another episode to your podcast! I was starting to have singlehandedknits podcast withdrawal this past week! I’m so glad that you are feeling better now. Love your Focus Mel! Focus! The color and the buttons are so pretty, and it fits you so perfect.

  13. i just spent a week at the beach but yours is awesome. the lake erie water doesn’t get to that beautiful blue/green.

    i know what you mean about the sand getting in everything. i think some of it is embedded in my toddler’s swimsuits :S

    • It gets in to everything! Generally it isn’t a big deal, but sometimes…well, sometimes I am surprised there is any sand left at the beach after the amount I bring home!

  14. I was so surprised to see the envelope I sent to you shown first when you were talking about all the mail you received. I chose those sheep stamps especially for you and am delighted you like them. I saw my good friend Gerry sent you a quilted post card. She is an amazing artist and puts lots of thought, time and work into everything she makes.

    • She is very clever, I agree! The stamps are precious! I plan to have dearest hubbster help me make a bulletin board on which to post all my friend mail!

  15. I missed you. So glad you are feeling better.

  16. ahhh. those crashing waves were so peaceful. thanks for sharing! i loved your camp loopy project…i am sure that your friend will LOVE it. pretty color! hope all is well & that you enjoy your sunday ♥ p.s. when we come out there again, i want to take that hike on shipwreck. sounds wonderful!

  17. Yay!! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes – you are too cute and awesome! LOVEed being on that beach with you, its gorgeous!!

    • oh, and – HOW can you give your Shift of Focus away?! It looks so good on you! you are too generous! :)

      • Kari has earned Shift many times over…but it will be a tough thing to let go of! But if we get in the habit of holding things loosely, it is so much easier to find joy in giving them away! Hopefully she will let me borrow it!


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