The Old Man & The Sea

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The Old Man & The Sea

Aloha Knitting Friends!

The Old Man & The Sea is so close to being available! The goal is to have it set for this Monday May 6th for purchase. In the meantime I wanted to make information about this beautiful cardigan easy to understand and accessible.

So I took you to the beach! My solution to everything, of course, is get as close to salt water as possible. So watch this:

Hopefully that helps you know what to expect! You can see the yarn as well as the way the finished object looks when worn. (Not to mention the beautiful Intersections Break)  SpaceCadet Creations Lyra was my favourite yarn out of all I experimented with…and I tested lots! And if you hurry over to her shoppe I know she has lots of Lyra in Honey available now! There is also 3 skeins of Pride…a colour I love! Stephanie can also dye to order! She is, I believe, working on some Lyra right now.

Sizes are XS, S, M, L and XL  as measured 32 (36, 40, 44, 48) and yardage is mentioned and shown on the video.

After blocking measurements are:  Bust 31(34, 38.5, 42.5, 46.5)

The Old Man and The Sea is worked from the bottom up to the armpits. Sleeves are knit separately and then joined to the body (to be knit seamlessly). Raglan shaping starts as the arms are added.

This cardigan was not created to meet in the middle, but to have 1 to 2 inches of space between sides in the front. However, it is easily altered to have the sides come closer together.

Aside from weaving in a few loose ends and a small puka (hole under arm from joining in the round) you are pau hana as we say here in Hawaii… finished with work  when you cast off at the neck. You may of course add buttons or closures if desired. I love the look of the smaller version with the awesome hardware closures as pictured below


They are a reminder of the grommets and rivets that I have seen in the fishermen nets

They are a reminder of the grommets and rivets that I have seen in the fishermen nets

I hope between the video and this post you have some questions answered. It is also my hope you are eager to join in on the Knit-A-Long/ Read-A-Long. You do not need to purchase the pattern to read alone with us! Everyone is welcome!

Lastly, can I ask you to share this post with your friends to help me get the word out? There are different links below you can use: twitter, FaceBook, google… I would be stoked to have as many people as possible read along and knit with us!


As Always, My Aloha to YOU,


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  1. Mel, you inspire me every week. The Old Man and the Sea is one of the most beautiful patterns I’ve ever seen. You never cease to amaze me. From you I get inspiration, zen, and amazing beauty, in yourself and the island. Thanks so much for all of it! Are you coming to SSK? If so, I look forward to meeting you in person.

  2. So excited to be a part of this KAL/RAL. I wasn’t allowed to read Hemingway while growing up, hadn’t thought to do so as an adult until this opportunity. This is going to be great fun!

  3. How do I enter the KnitAlong. It will be my first. Thanks

  4. I think I missed the Lyra yarn?

    • Missed the link? Or the chance to purchase it? The link is in the show notes and Stephanie is hard at work getting ready to put up more stock on her site :) and there is PLENTY of time to order it and get it before we start so no worries!

  5. LOVE THE SWEATER, MEL. But I am not a Big fan of the book. As an English/Lit.
    mj. I had to justify my opinion in a grad. class…and I had to also support my opinion
    at a job interview. I got the job. :)
    Love your podcast and I envy the beauty you are surrounded by. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Just a note to let you know the children decided a read-a-long, since we also live near the sea, and they sorta adore you-would be fun. They are excited for the extra credit as well, as its not on our current list. ;) the oldest 3 will be taking turns reading outloud. YAY!! BJ

  7. I just love your passion for the sea,sky and where you live. The pattern is gorgeous, the colour choices reflect perfectly the sky and sand. I’m looking forward to knitting it.

  8. Mel, I love the Old Man and the Sea Sweater! I love the closures. I have been looking at something similar but wasn’t sure how to put them on. Again, great job on the sweater!

  9. Have book on Kindle just need to get pattern and yarn.So excited !

  10. I adore those grommet type closures! I’m not terribly good at keeping up with KAL’s (lots of adorable small human distractions)-but I very much like this author. While I’m hoping to make the sweater, I’m hoping more to do a following with the book-with the kids in tow. Yay!

    • Hey MEL-those particular closures are not available on the website. Can you give me an approximation on how wide the ones you chose are? (I’m shopping on etsy, but I particularly like how spaced your sweater came out with the width of those closures. (Boy do I hope that makes sense…..) thanks!

      • Aloha! I contacted Melissa Jean to see when they would be available. I will let you know! For my next one I plan to knit with the Read A Long/KAL I will use these:

        The write up on them gives the approx size of the last clasps. Hope this helps.

        I really like the rope motif of these as it reminds me of rigging for sailing vessels as well as nets…

        • Thanks! I also like those rope like ones and was considering them. In my etsy perusal most of the clasps had measurements, and I was unsure the approximate size of your choice. Thanks for taking the time to answer back. As always, place heart here. B!

        • I bought those rope clasps earlier today! nice to see ya think they’re suitable for this garment as I was just guessing. Lol. I also bought my yarn today. Where will the KAL be held? Here? Ravelry? Don’t think I will be reading the book as I have two other books going and supposedly an audio book I can’t seem to commit to, lol…but look forward to the KAL anyway!

  11. I’ve never read the book, but I’ve just bought the audio book. I’m excited to cast on and listen to Donald Sutherland as I knit. Mmmmm yummy! His voice is Devine!

  12. What cute clasps! I got the book (I’m sad to be almost done with Jane Eyre), and the yarn should be here today or tomorrow. Such a nice design and I can’t wait to knit it!!

  13. Lovely sweaters! And I never did read “The Old Man and the Sea” in high school. Pretty sure it’s on our shelf though. I’m packing up for a big cross-country move (NC to WY) this month, so realistically I have very little free time, but I may have to try to join in the fun anyway! :-)

  14. Mel I can’t wait to get this on the needles! I’ll be hitting the library for the book too. I shared the spot on Facebook :)


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