Episode #25 Share the Trail

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Episode #25 Share the Trail



Before we get in to knitting…though I am eager to share with you all many knitting things in this episode, I wanted also to give you friends a peek in to how my arm is progressing. I try not to make a big deal of it each week on air, but I am gaining mobility! Slowly, yes, but surely. I hope it doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable, but in this episode you will see my entire shoulder has gained motion range and a bit downwards in my arm! I still have a ways to go before I need to change the name of the podcast and blog, but the glimmer of hope shines bright! Maybe by next Christmas? Progress and exercise has been keeping me busy lately…that and a few days of travels!  Again, I know some viewers are sensitive to my arm issue, but there is nothing strange and you need to watch closely, but you should see progress! I have been working hard and hope you all are excited to see the fruits of my labors =)

Now on to other things!

This week we start at 3500 feet above sea level heading up Koke’e. We actually film at 3600 feet and by podcast end I am chilly!

You all sat on the trail & I’m on the felled log on the right

Things I mention and show:

Trillian DONE! Amy and Darren from Knitting in Circles have had a KAL to clear your needles and I have been doing my best to get old projects done or frogged!

One Moore for Camp Loopy Some times you need to say YES! I am commiting to finishing this and other times you need to say Nope! This is so not happening. Watch the podcast to see what I decide…finally…

Castle Pullover  The Rav project page I have made is weeeeeeaaaak but hang in there and I will make up for it asap!  I love this sweater/pullover and look forward to having it to wear for Christmas Night on the beach!

 STRANDavarious yarn from The Yarn Store at Nob Hill



You got in and out of the canyon on these “steps”

Things I mention but fail to bring on the hike and didn’t hike back to the car to get:

The Girl from Nantucket Hat I linked the amazing fingerless mitts and Laura will release the pattern soon! I will keep you posted!

There are two new segments to the podcast that I won’t spoil here…

Things of note:

The Dublin Tee pattern giveaway: Head HERE and read up about our SHK giveaway! I love this T and look forward to knitting my own…though I doubt it will look as lovely as the one Melissa sent me!

And of course that I missed you all!! It was nice once again to chat. I hope to be all caught up with message responses this week. I also intend to do a bit more blogging during the week, so be sure to comment and let me know you are reading as well as give me your thoughts!

And lastly, I am so thankful to Diane, Leslie and Laura for believing I could do something no matter what. Then investing themselves in to teaching me. My e-spinner is due to arrive Monday and I CAN NOT WAIT!!

Here is all of us at The Loopy Ewe AN AWESOME YARN SHOPPE online or in person!

A great time with amazing friends!


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  1. Yep, I’m “catching up” again. So…my observations during this show…(in no particular order)…
    >Kudos on your new craft and lovely handspun!
    >I think wearing handspun as a cowl is a truly Excellent idea!!
    >Further kudos on your healing!! I did hear that there is a long window for nerve healing and your PT is showing results! Moreover – I submit that you could keep the SHK moniker for the podcast. Unless changing it is part of of a healing process, it represents a name we flocked to and worked together under – and something you adapted to your life and moved past. However – it is your decision. I came to visit out of curiosity about the clever STV and stayed because of your heart and personality.
    > {grin} I thought Jackalopes were indigenous to Arizona. ;-)

  2. Great job Melissa! :D You should be proud of yourself for the yarn you spun. =D
    I’m SO glad and excited that your arm is getting better!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  3. I am so happy to hear about the progress with your arm – Praise the Lord!

  4. ahh!! so happy to hear your news about your progression on your arm! this just made my day. beautiful selection on scenery. i would love to go hiking there sometime.

  5. It was fantastic to see you again – both on The Knit Girllls & your new show! I teared up with you at your new yarn pride. You are amazing & I look forward to seeing more of your yarns! I ended up watching the end of the episode via iTunes, ‘cuz blip blipped out right at the spinning part to a commercial & then reverted to a previous episode after the commercial. No idea what caused that….

  6. Wow, what a podcast! First, the canyon is so beautiful, I had no idea something like that existed near you. Thanks for sharing it with us. The Dublin Tee looks beautiful on you! I’m thrilled!!! We need to upload a pic of you wearing it on the ravelry pattern page.
    I am so happy your wonderful friends taught you to spin and you persevered, congratulations! I will look forward to hearing more about it…now to dust off my wheel so I can relearn with you :)
    Mel, you go! I too noticed movement, before reading your mention of it and was so happy! Keep up the hard work….you are just amazing.

  7. I am so happy that you are learning to spin!! It’s not only a beautiful yarn you spun, but that you had the courage to do it and ply, too!!! Congratulations on our first spinning project, and on your first yarn and especially for your determination. Love it!

  8. I am like Lacey. When I saw you knitting on the KnitGirllls podcast, it was waaaaay different than your previous description as to how you knit. Keep it up and more power to you (and your arm).

  9. a lovely short tour before episode proper, thank you. xx
    you have begun spinning! how marvellous. you are proof that achievements can be made, when determined enough.
    great news that there is some improvement in your arm. a couple of episodes ago, I noticed your left hand seemed to hold yarn a lot better. and Mel, this is your blog, so discus whatever you want. Any readers not happy, they can just press fast forward. I do that on videos mentioning shop updates.

    btw, I found out why I can’t install Google hangouts>>> my Intenet Explorer is too powerful!! :(



  10. Oh Melissa I am so happy for you!!! Hope and encouragement are a phenomenal gift for Christmas. Big happy hugs are wrapping around you right now.
    Congratulations on your e-spinner. We will be learning together-I picked up my Schacht Matchless wheel today!
    Now I am off to watch the episode:)

  11. I was so happy to see you on the Knitgirllls video cast with your whole upper torso showing! I know you said it made you uncomfortable, but you looked great. I’ve been going to PT for a bad shoulder and it can be so frustrating, painful and slowwww. I can’t imagine how much harder it’s been for you, and you always have a great smile and are so upbeat. Thanks for the inspiration. You’ve inspired me to try spinning too, lessons in the new year! Keep up the good work, I know it’s slow going but so worth it in the end!

  12. What a great podcast today! I feel like I just had a mini vacation (even though I was working on our budget at the same time).

    I had noticed movement in your shoulder and fingers over the last couple of podcasts, and I swear I prayed and thanked the Lord right then and there. I just keep praying for a complete healing because nothing is impossible with God, and after having my own arm be useless for a whopping 4 days last summer, I just can’t imagine having it be as long as what you have endured. I am thankful my arm recovered so quickly, but God gave me a heart to pray for you because of it.

    It’s so freeing to make the decision to not continue a project sometimes, isn’t it?

    Okay, now I absolutely must knit the Dublin Tee. It looked perfect on you, and so feminine for a “tee.”

    I know I sound like a broken record, but you are inspiring in so many ways. I’m so looking forward to meeting you in person.

  13. Mel, That is awesome news, I too thought I had been seeing movement. Loved seeing you with other podcasters, what a fun time.

  14. Great podcast. I left a comment about it on the Rav Group. Here I thought I would say how happy I am to see that your arm is gaining mobility. Keep up the physical therapy so you will be doing everything two-handed soon. I hope you will re-think renaming the group and your blog. Even if you knit with two hands I think it would be a good to leave the name the same to remember how everything started. Just my two cents 8^)

  15. Your canyon IS so much like The Grand Canyon Wonderful vistas at every turn. Move your line of sight a fraction of an inch – – – – more beauty. Thanks for treating me with a visit to the outlook.

    How much did I enjoy you guest appearance on TKGs at Knitabulls ? OMG !
    What a hoot! !

    Every one of our hearts are warmed with your steady improvements as a result of your dedication to PT. You know that warmest of hopes and thoughts are being sent your way.


  16. Thanks for the hike Mel. I am excited for you and your eSpinner. I laughed because I ordered mine yesterday. My daughter bought a romney fleece at Rhinebeck, and it has arrived. She spins on a Lendrum, but it’s too much for me, although I have done a little spinning on it. We can learn to use our little Hansen together. I hope you keep us updated with your spinning. I am thankful for your progress with your arm and hand. Therapy and persistence will pull you through. Have a happy week!

  17. I loved the hike! Thank you thank you! I always imagined the islands of Hawaii to be so small that they could not contain something of such magnificant beauty! Wow! One thing that always has frustrated me about photography is that the pictures never truly show the awsomeness and largeness and beauty of the mountians! Which is why we have to go back and see it again! I am so happy for your good news and am inspired by your perserverence! I have not even considered spinning but now i think i may give it ago some time in the future.

  18. I was watching the TKG’s podcast and saw your hand move too, was so happy and excited. Great news, and well done – your hard work is paying off.

  19. That is such great news!!!!!

  20. I am so excited for you to have progress with your arm! I know you have worked very hard! xxxx

  21. I totally thought I saw your thumb and fingers moving on TKG’s podcast. Am I crazy? I let out a whoop that startled my boyfriend across the room. Glimmers of hope are SO AWESOME! :D I’m so proud of you and for you. :D


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