Sometimes connecting with others isn’t just fun, it is necessary. Sharing ideas and  inspiration as well as challenges (and gaffes) make life all the better…

I am Melissa or MSkiKnits on Ravelry, Twitter and Instagram. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Bliptv, Vimeo or just look to the “Episode Updates” on the blog and they are featured there.

I love knitting. LOVE it. Not just the act of knitting, but the preparation, playing with all the fiber options, changing and re-changing pattern choices. Even better is the connection with others through knitting, both knitters and non-knitters alike. This is where I do just that!

And now I have begun to spin! Oh how lucky I am to have patient, intelligent friends who shared this gift with me!

…So you are wondering: Is this knitting blog any different from all the others?

The idea sure isn’t. I do have a slightly different angle as a knitter though, since I knit with one hand. I guess I am a single handed blogger too! A story that involves a coconut, my left arm and a long year away from knitting finds a happy ending, or rather a happy new start here with this blog. My most sincere desire is to encourage everyone to be a better knitter. If I can do it with one single hand, everyone can do it.



  1. I’m a stroke survivor with one strong side the right side I really want to knit because I need some new hobbies that are less physical do u have any experience using a knitting belt. I bought one from the Shetlands but am having trouble finding an appropriate needle . it ca not be too long or it will loose its stability oh I am a newbie too. I am also contemplating holding the needle using my knees any ideas on accomplishing this with one good hand are welcome. I am persistent and want to do this. I need a sense of accomplishment tk you

    • Aloha! I am able to prop my needle in my left hand and knit off of it. I used to knit Continental style and using my left hand of course, but now I have taught myself how to “trow” right handed. I have never used a belt. In fact I will need to google it as I have not heard the term before. I wish you much luck with it!
      If you are able to, I began getting back in to knitting by wedging my needle in to my brace on my left arm to stabilize it. Do you wear a brace? It may be worth a try.


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