Party Lines Clearly Drawn…or more on SOCK the VOTE!

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Party Lines Clearly Drawn…or more on SOCK the VOTE!

This post is dedicated to showing you what is to be expected for the KAL coming soon… SOCK THE VOTE!

All Parties purchasing a Party Kit will receive:

  • Custom dyed Party Specific Skein of Superwash/Nylon/Cashmere Sock Yarn along with Dyer’s notes!
  • Party Bag aka a sweet little sock project bag featuring the fabric that inspired the colourway for your Party Skein
  • A Bumper Sticker proudly proclaiming: I KNIT A SOCK AND I VOTE!
  • Little Surprises and Coupons from Campaign Donors ;)
  • Entitlement to MANY delightful giveaways each week of the KAL

Green Party will Receive:

  • Freedom to join in and knit a sock!
  • Opportunity to purchase a I KNIT A SOCK AND I VOTE bumper sticker
  • Entitlement to Campaign Kick Off giveaway, In The Thick of It giveaway, and End of the Road giveaway  as well as a few fun goodies to keep the campaign heated! (and you know we all want this thing filled with silly fun!)


  • Knit a sock…any sock YOU want! Use any pattern as long as you are adhering to Party Guidelines.
  • Start on the same day…October 1st…and end on November 5th.
  • Take and post pictures to keep up Party Morale!
  • Be friendly!
  • Concern their debate to the merits of how best to knit, block and care for hand knit socks. We will even have some controversial Heel Talk in a Town Hall Meeting…but we will not disparage Obama or Romney, as neither are knitting socks that I am aware of…
  • Be included!

How Registering for Your Party Will be Done:

  • At noon HAWAIIAN STANDARD TIME (check your world clock on your iPhone for best conversion results) a special blog post will go up. To be notified right to your email inbox please sign up at the bottom of the page for blog updates. I will not post this on Ravelry as I will be crazy busy watching it once it goes live to make sure we don’t have a melt down.
  • Read the short blog post on what to do and how to do it…SUPER EASY! Super safe via PayPal. Cost is $50 for the kit (plus tax that goes to Uncle Sam!) and a flat mailing charge for US mail of  $6 —if you are out of the US and are interested in participating, please email me asap and I will let you know the cost before Friday if you want.
  • Want to pay by check? Email me for details today.
  • First Party to hit 25 participants will close. Join in another Party! =) If all three fill up right away and you are not interested in knitting a green sock…don’t throw in the towel… However, I will not think about introducing Plan B until all 3 original 75 spots are claimed. (That’s really lots of spots, and I seriously doubt we are going to have Sock Pandemonium…that will be next year!)



  • Are you on the blog contact list? Do it! =)
  • Tell EVERYONE!
  • Join Party threads and start chattering!
  • Want to make a Party Contribution? Think about stepping up to be a Volunteer Party Moderator during the KAL. Can you keep unity among your Party? Are you willing to check threads once a day? Are you a member of the SHK group on Rav? If interested message Mel on Rav!
  • Want to Make a Campaign Contribution? Do you have a  knitting related product? Want to share it as a prize? This is a great opportunity to make everyone aware of YOU! (and I love introducing friends to amazing products!)
  • Hop in on the Podcaster Election! Video OR audio podcasters are up to vote on starting this Thursday! Tell everyone who you think would be awesome! Then go a step further and send your election prospect a heads up about what is going on! Let’s get them in on the fun!

Lastly…go easy on me! I know this is going to be a blast, but I can already see me goofing things up in sooooo many areas. Not that my pride minds in the slightest when I mess up…I will be the first to shout “Mea Culpa!”…just be prepared for me to strive for excellence, but know I trip a lot. It will give you an opportunity to practice chuckling behind closed doors!


All right! Hope this helps! Mull it over and let me know what you think!

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  1. I wish I could afford to get a kit. I voted though.

  2. I’m totally in!!

  3. Cuff down for me

  4. I have never done a KAL like this. Very excited!

  5. Mel, I would also be interested if you need another moderator. ;)

  6. Awesome! I can’t wait!!

  7. Sounds lovely, I’m looking forward to it!

  8. Reading this post brought back a happy memory of when I voted for the first time and you used to get these cute “I Voted Today” stickers. I was so proud of that sticker. This will be so much fun Melissa!

  9. I’d be interested in being a moderator ! So excited to Rock the Vote!!!


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