Ahhhhh Kauai!

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Ahhhhh Kauai!

{the picture above is my highway at 35 mph…}

The trip to the mainland was such fun! The sights and sounds of the holidays were everywhere! People were dressed up in sweaters and jeans and shoes! (I kept mentioning how I loved seeing how different the shoes were as I was amazed at what I have been missing!)  The crisp air was invigorating {Ok, Ok…the air was freezing my face off and my eyes kept tearing, but I want to keep this a cheerful account…} I had fun even if I did feel a bit cold.

Then I came back. I landed at an airport where the first dozen employees I either know their names or have stood behind them in line at the grocery or coffee shoppe. I went to collect my bags where there were 2 turnabouts for off loaded luggage. I headed home, only exceeding 50 mph once and only because downhill mountain driving in a heavy suburban gets quick! I am typing this in a cami and sarong listening to the assortment of birds chattering away. I am home. I love it. And yet I miss aspects of where I was.

And I think that is a great thing. It is good to have a longing for what you love and enjoy. Sigh…

I have some time to prep for Saturday’s podcast and wanted to include you all. Weather permitting, and by weather I mean rain not snow…where would you like to go tomorrow? I know we usually find ourselves at the beach chatting about knitted bliss. Would you like a nice sunny spot on the beach, seeing and hearing the waves roll in to the shore? Or would you like to hike in to the canyon and visit there? Either place should give you plenty of sun and no matter where you go on the island Kauai has a way of speaking to you in exactly the right voice and sharing something you didn’t even realize you missed. Then again, New Mexico and Colorado did the same to me…

Pick BEACH or HIKE and share in the comments below before midnight HST on Friday Dec 7th and I will hopefully be able to go with the majority!

Wishing you a beautiful day,


Ps. The photos are to make you smile…just random ones of here and there in the hopes of brightening your morning

Kauai Skies

We do have grey days here too… which are my favourite

Meeting famous people in the candy store…


And in the yarn shoppe…


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  1. Hey, Miss Mel. I’m catching up again. {sigh/grin}
    Spiffy pictures and glad you enjoyed your trip and enjoyed more so getting back home again.

  2. WE WENT HIKING!! Check it out =)

  3. Beach please:-)

  4. I would love a hike. It is dreary and the hiking is blah at this time of year here in Northern Illinois. It looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip and you look very happy spinning.

  5. I love the beach!

  6. Hike please =) Are there flowers blooming along the trail?

  7. I’ll have to put a vote in for a hike! I am not really a beach girl, can’t stand the sand or wearing a swim suit:) But i love to hike and climb mountians. I did a few different backpacking trips in high school and college with my dad in CO, WY, NY, Maine!

  8. I am with the Hikers….Glad you had a great and safe trip. Love the pictures. Love and miss you.

  9. I would love to see the beach again, and listen to the waves. So glad your trip was filled with fun and friends!

  10. I always love the beach but it would be fun to hike.

  11. It doesn’t matter much whether you are at the beach or on a hike, as long as there is a tropical breeze and sunshine. It’s so gray here in New York, seeing sunshine in either place would bring me joy.

  12. Hike please!

  13. Hike!!!! I can’t wait to see where you’ll take us!!!!

  14. I am so sad to know you were only a few blocks from me(seriously). Next time you are at Loopy, let me know! ;). My daughter sits next to the little boy statue all the time. I think you should Hike!

  15. I always love the beach but whatever your family wants. It was fun seeing you as Lynne!!

  16. Hike!

  17. Beach – cannot get enough :) Glad you are home safe. Enjoyed your vidcast with Knitgirllls.

  18. Let’s take a HIKE!

  19. I, too, vote for a hike!

  20. I vote for Hike! Love the beach though either way it will be a win. Thanks!


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