Happy Thursday Chatter!

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Happy Thursday Chatter!

Aloha Friends!

I hope your week has been filled with fun preparations for a happy holiday! We put up our tree and then went to the beach. We actually have a holiday tradition of taking a picture on Christmas Day at the beach. There are so many moments during this season I wish for a chilly winter evening. Last year we had a “Christmas On The Mainland” Party at our house where everyone was to bundle up and we put the A/C down as low as it could go…Who knew we would all go outside to warm up? It was pretty funny.

But let’s chat about things other than the weather…and FYI this blog is NOT all about spinning so perseverat!

Opening the box for a new adventure!

Opening the box for a new adventure!

My e-spinner arrived! I was a silly giggling kid! Just look at the picture for proof!


I got right to work that evening with some texting support from my knowledgable friends and one of these 4 oz braids

These would be the first "victims"

These would be the first “victims”

was turned in to this

First an unbraided string...

First an unbraided string…

Little nests of fiber!

Little nests of fiber!

Filling the bobbin!

Filling the bobbin!

A trio of fun!

A trio of fun!

I repeated the whole process again the next night! And TA-DA!

2 days---2 braids--2 bobbins

2 days—2 braids–2 bobbins


I spun not thinking and trying to get the science of it, but rather to relax and see what happened. I enjoyed the process!

Then as every good journal freak does…I had to start something to record this adventure…

So here is a peek in to how you can use a photo-album for knitting or spinning purposes:

The process begins...

The process begins…

It is just at the start, not super decorative and far from perfect, an accurate reflection of the spinning journey it is to record! And that is what I wanted to pass on to you with journaling:


Simply start or start simply. Or both!

Just a simple scrapbook

Just a simple scrapbook

I wanted to just get my thoughts about my experience down as well as little keepsakes: some of the fiber and the tag, a write up as to when and how things went and I plan to put a bit of each ply and the finished 2ply as well.

The fiber tag

The fiber tag


A wee little braid and fiber sample

A wee little braid and fiber sample


Collecting my thoughts quickly but at least they are gathered!

Collecting my thoughts quickly but at least they are gathered!

I could look at this and see 100 ways I could do it better…and I am sure eventually I will improve upon this… However for now my objective is to grab this moment for posterity and I did just that. I am content. For now.

I am starting a thread in the Rav group for those interested in starting journaling in the new year. Why not share your ideas and journal samples with everyone there?

The Fellowship Of The Traveling Sock Diaries has had 2 new parcels out the door and on their way to participants. Be sure to post teasers in creative ways in the thread as soon as the Fellowship arrives to YOU! It will keep things fun! Think of taking a photo in black and white or from a different angle as to make everyone wonder… There is a thread just for these photos as well as a chatter thread you can share one in to have everyone discuss =)

Now the evening has rolled in and the house is quiet, so I now need to decide knit or spin? How thankful am I that I have this choice to consider. Please let me know how you are today! And if you are free mark your calendar for our SHK chat 3 pm HST today Thursday Dec. 13 via google chat. For more details see the Rav thread!

With Aloha,





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  1. Aloha Mel! I am so excited to see your spinning journey! I have wanted to spin for a long time. I took a spinning class last year and afterwards, I walked out with my 1st skein of hand spun yarn and my husband says…”what is that?” Lol! You did an awesome job! I hope one day I can get a wheel and start my journey! Great idea on the album! I am going to remember that for the future.

    • It was such a great feeling wasn’t it? To take the raw source and turn it in to something you can knit with… now I need to figure out if i want to knit it up or keep it as it is….

  2. YEAH for Mel!!!!! you are doing so well. The spun yarn is looking very neat on the bobbin. Have you any plans for the finished product?

    have a good end of week xxxxx

  3. Mel, This is like watching a kid on Christmas morning. I’m grinning from ear to ear enjoying your excitement!

  4. Yay!!! So excited for you Mel, your spinning looks awesome already. A friend of mine just bought 2 baby sheep. Be still my beating heart. She is a new spinner too and also has a farm, so she has a place for them. I can’t wait to snuggle them.
    I have heard wonderful things about those e-spinners. I haven’t seen one in person, but it looks like it would be great for traveling and classes. Happy Spinning!!

    • Mahalo my friend! It is very portable and i hope to take it to SSK with me! I also like how i can focus on how to rearrange my upper body to get it to work and then later maybe a wheel? We shall see!

  5. Yeah for Mel! My Hansen is scheduled for a Monday delivery. Hansencrafts miniSpinner has a group on Ravelry. Lots of good things there. Now the question….what battery to purchase? Your spinning looks wonderful! Keep us informed please?

  6. Yay for spinning and your new journal to document it! I am delighted in your adventure. For now I’m trying to be just a knitter but I fear that all of the spinning talk may lure me to the dark side. :-)

  7. OMG! I’m tickled pink by your excitement! Your fiber was pretty as a braid, and it’s beautiful all spooled up. You’re doing great and your excitement makes me wish I could go back to the days when spinning was new for me!

    I’ve been spinning for about 4 years now and three wheels later, my only excitement is which wheel to use.

    Don’t forget to add your spinning pics to your Ravelry page – and keep up the great work!

  8. Admittedly, I’m not yet a spinner. To me, your spinning looks great! Congratulations!!


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