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Hoaloha means FRIENDS in Hawaiian.

I am lucky enough to be blessed with some AMAZING friends. What I dearly love about friendship is the way it embraces us, keeps us warm when harsh winds blow, makes us beautiful as love and kindness lift us, how it is so much a part of our daily success that we long for it. I kept thinking of so many wonderful friends as I was sketching one day. The thought of how dear some friends are…how I hold them close to me…that thought became snuggly ribbing. The way sweet gestures and thoughtful words shielded me from harsh ones made me think of clever sleeve features. Smiles and sparkling eyes became a few well placed buttons… and next thing I knew…I had a sweater!

I can not show it to you right now… I am sorry… But Oh! My Stars! It is up on Ravelry! As a Mystery KAL! (And no, I am not kidding =) See….


Look! It really is on Ravlery!

Look! It really is on

And it is going to be so much fun to knit it!

I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word about this fun Mystery Knit with Hoaloha at its centre! Even if you aren’t able to knit with us right now I would be ever so delighted if you could show it some love on Ravelry! If you would like to purchase it now…even if you are not on Ravelry…

I have some fun plans for this and hope you will join me! Wether it be from the knitting front lines or the cheering sidelines.

Let’s celebrate Hoaloha!



With Aloha,


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  1. Ok, I’m in. I’ve never been in a KAL, never finished a sweater, this ought to be fun. I just picked up some Fisherman’s Wool so I think that should work…. Have needles, will knit.
    Oh boy, oh boy, ohboyohboyohboyohboy!

  2. Hi Mel – If I can finish some things, I want to do this – love the mystery as I have never joined a mystery KAL. Plus I always love your taste! ( : I never know what size to knit. Can you help? I measure at a 35 1/2 so I am between sizes…. What are your thoughts? Thanks! Stephanie

  3. All signed up and ready to go! You have wonderful taste in the patterns you knit, so I’m confident that this will be a fun and splendid knit!

  4. Hi Mel, I am so looking forward to this KAL.

  5. Oh! I’m interested :) But have no yarn that I could use.. and here is a little problem: not sure how much I need…

    • Aloha! I am glad you are interested in joining! If you would like to know how much yarn is needed the sizes to skein requirements are listed on the pattern info page. You can multiply the number of skeins times 250 yds which is the yardage per skein. This will give you a helpful idea of what you need. :)

  6. I’m in. I’ve never knitted a sweater before but even though it will be a mystery I know there will be a lot of help from our group. I already have decided I will use my Fishermans Wool in the oatmeal colorway. Fingers crossed.

  7. Kudos and congrats, Mel!! (You’re still “trending” on Ravelry – cool!).

  8. I am stash diving this weekend. It is just a matter of deciding! Sounds like fun!

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun. What to use? I’ll have to go into the yarn room and see what I can come up with!!

  10. I’m in! Was about to cast on a jumper, but I’m thinking….. Nah! I’ll wait for Mel. But now I have to investigate yarns. I’m supposed to be working from stash. So it’s your fault I need yarn!!!!! Ta da!!!! No my fault!!!

  11. ooooh, i have been longing to do a Mystery KAL but have a hard time with the mystery of it (he he). . .but for some reason I trust you and your sense of ‘style’, so, it shouldn’t be terrible :) And i have never done a top-down raglan before and know nothing of shapping, so this would be a great learning experience, espcecially since i have such a great guide (and group of guiders, who i know will all be a part!) oh, Mel, when have you had time to design this with all your other projects and sweaters and spinning and mid-terms going on! You are a nut :) (said affectionately). I am glad that this will not start till mid Feb, as i will be out of the country. . . .so once, i get back, it is on! (Now, off to hurry and get my sweater done for Antie Diane’s KAL!) :)

  12. Any hints? As in general style? Recommended ease?

    • Hmmmm…hints….A good description of the garment:
      Top down, raglan increased pullover with limited ease as it is figure skimming. However we will be shaping this garment as we go and can adjust the ease a bit if you would like it looser. My two finished samples were knit with having a fitted Tshirt or cami underneath.
      I hope this helps a bit, but still gives a mysterious air ;)

  13. Aloha and congratulations Mel
    Well…count me in…I am always up for a mystery!
    Apparently this is the “Year Of Firsts” for me! Yesterday I mentioned that I had “Grace” queued to be my “first” sweater ever. Now I’m thinking the “Hoaloha” may take priority as it will not only be my “first” sweater but also my “first” ever KAL :-)
    Let the fun begin…

  14. Congrats Mel! This is very exciting!

  15. I’ve never done a sweater before…have been itching to try one…but don’t have a sweater’s worth of yarn. If I can get ahold of the yarn I will definitely join in!

  16. How exciting! I have a sweaters worth of Quince and Co. Lark in a beautiful pink. Might be the perfect things to use it for.

  17. How exciting! I have faved and queued the pattern. The only sort of worsted sweater quantity I have is in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and that may not be suitable… I may have to destash something so I can buy more!

  18. i love this! i have been scouring ravelry for the last few days trying to decide on a sweater to que up….can not wait to do this with you and the group mel! :)

  19. I am interested! But I actually done have a sweater quantity of worsted yarn. I do have a long languishing crochet jacket that I never quite finished. Maybe this will be my spur to rip it out and repurpose that yarn!


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