I squealed… or a happy reaction from Mel

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I squealed… or a happy reaction from Mel

So I thought it would really be no big deal, I am usually pretty mellow…ok, maybe mellow is too strong of an understatement. I am slow to anger but always ready for and looking for an opportunity to delightfully squeal…

I just had it…

I posted my first (and probably ONLY) pattern to Ravelry as a MAHALO to all of you. As it was a gift to others it should have been totally chill…no giddy silliness…

It wasn’t…

I thought my face was going to break from smiling.

I never thought many people on the mainland…especially non-surfers…used the word stoked, but I hear it quite frequently, so I am taking it you all are going to be able to totally relate when I say:

I squealed

and smiled and thought “I am so stoked I can not stop smiling!” when I saw this…



I even danced a bit and had my Eldest Daughter the Super Model shaking her head.

Free pattern code: alohafriends

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  1. Mahalo to all you friends who have downloaded the pattern. I am delighted by your enthusiasm! I look forward to seeing your version knit up!

  2. I know I would be or will be JUST as excited if I ever post a pattern of my own to Ravelry! Congrats!! It must be such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!! I just downloaded my copy and can’t wait to make it for someone special.

  3. I bought mine today! I know I could have used the code, but I wanted to buy it legit! You should be totes stoked! It’s a beautiful pattern and I can’t wait to knit up my own! ^_^

  4. Ok, so i am totally surprised that noone commented on the horse galloping through your pic!! When i saw it i thought that is what you were squealling over:) Your daughter looks unfazed so this must be a common occurance at intersctions break! Congradulations!

  5. Congratulations!!! Thank you!!

  6. So excited to get your new pattern and can’t wait to knit it!! Wishing you safe travels this week as I’m heading home. Thank you for your kind and generous spirit.

  7. It’s snowing here and I’m sitting by the fire having tea and DOWNLOADING YOUR PATTERN!! Thanks so much! This makes the moment perfect! :)

  8. now then Mrs Lady!
    Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a big “get you!” followed by a huge “mmmmm it’s lovely!”
    I’ve downloaded mine, and I hope to knit it sooner rather than later, as the weather forecast around these parts is for negative figures before the week is out!
    So, Mel,
    Thankyou for the hat, thank you for your time, thankyou for your infectious love of life, and living it to the max!
    Ellen x

  9. I see your squeal and raise you with rapidly applauding hands and a yahoo screamed out loud in my kitchen. Then I looked over my shoulder to see that the plumbers caught me doing that. Then I had a more rational thought: who cares if I should be caught in the middle of pure joy and delight?

  10. So exciting! Congratulations on your first published pattern. Thank you for the coupon code. It is an adorable knit and I am looking forward to making mine.

  11. Thank you so much! I was squealing as I read this on the cruise ship! It is a beautiful pattern (and I told the crew members who were looking at me funny as I squealed with you that my friend from Hawaii just sent her friends a gift! LOL)

  12. Congratulations, Mel! It’s a cute cute toque, and I’m making one for sure! I’m so pleased for you, my dear!


  13. Congratulations Mel on an awesome pattern! YAY.. For you first published pattern:-)


  14. Mel, as you know I am not on RAV,so is it possible for you to post a link? xx

  15. Congratulations…and thank you so much. It is a beautiful pattern.

  16. Squeeeeeee!! Congratulations Mel, I am so proud of you, this is awesome. I already have the pattern in my hot little hands and plan on using my handspun. I used my very first handspun to make myself a pair of mitts, this is my second handspun. Still so exciting and so perfect for your beautiful pattern.

  17. Thanks for the cute pattern! I’m going to quick whip one out for my poor bald mama (chemo, boo). She’ll be pleased but perplexed that for the second time in a week I showed up with a hat designed by one of my knitting friends in the computer. ;-)

  18. I’m so Stoked! And I completely agree with you Sierra ~ Please squeal freely!!! And I’m smiling =)

  19. i can’t seem to be able to download it with “alohafriends” is it just me?

  20. Yay you!!!! I’m so downloading this right now!! You have every right to squeal!! I’m squealing for you ;)~ !! Well done, congrats, and knit on!

  21. Great job Mel!!!!!! This hat is soooooo cool. I will be casting on one for me this week! Thank you for sharing.

  22. thanks so much for the pattern. i plan to make a couple of hats to donate charities. Thanks!

  23. Thanks so much Mel, it is a very cute pattern :)

  24. Wicked cool!!

  25. I bet there will be more patterns in your future 8^)

    Thanks for offering this to us for free. It’s a great hat and I will download it pronto.

    Enjoy your trip to the mainland. I know you will have such a great time with your friend and sister and that you will love the opportunity to wear lots of warm clothes. I think I would too if I knew it was only for a couple of weeks. We have many months of cold weather to get through before we won’t need warm clothes in MO.

  26. Congratulations!!!!! I can FEEL your happiness! What an incredible accomplishment…just amazing. Hope your glow lasts and lasts! Best, Maria

  27. It’s a great hat Mel – Thanks to you for sharing it with us!!

  28. Very exciting! Can’t wait to cast it on! My girls love cables, so I’ll be making a few of these for the holidays! Thank you for the pattern!

  29. Mel, I just downloaded the pattern. I can’t wait to knit it.

    The code though is alohafriends, with an s.

    Safe travels and fun visits.



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