Makai Inspirations

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Makai Inspirations


If you are joining in the Makai shawl knit together…or if you are just curious…you may enjoy this quick video that helps you see the inspiration as well as glimpse different yarns that may be just the thing to make your makai perfect!


In the future all other Makai Shawl videos and posts will be password protected for those who have purchased the pattern. All subscribers to the blog will get one initial Makai Page notification, but after that first one you will not be bothered with the updates.

Be sure to grab the new picture to add to your project page on Ravelry! =)

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  1. any sugguestions for a non-wool/animal fiber yarn to use?

    • Hmmmm…. Let me give it some thought. I don’t use cotton often as it is hard for me to manipulate.
      Have you used sugarcane blends before?

      • No, but I’m willing to try. I’ve used a variety of plant fiber yarns.

        • That might be a pleasant alternative. I like the lightness of it as well as the glossy sheen. You could also try a bamboo cotton blend if you like the drape of it

      • Just a warning about the sugar cane yarns – I just finished a project using this fiber and it makes a lovely drapey fabric, but is really splitty. Not only is that a problem while knitting, but I had to use fraycheck on all my weave-ins.

  2. Welcome home, Mel!

    I know it’s probably just me but I’m not seeing a swatch update when I follow the link, but rather another copy of the original information and inspiration video.

    What shall I do, please and thank you??

  3. Bought the pattern – set up a project page in Ravelry – now I’m going to go stash diving. I’m going to use that one special sock yarn that I’ve been saving for a special shawl!

  4. I am going to use some Ravenscroft Socks That Rock in dark blue, black and green that reflects our Pacific Ocean at Tofino, BC,

  5. Just purchased your new pattern, cant wait! :-)

  6. I’m trying super hard to be on a yarn “diet” – had told myself I have to knit five things from stash before buying any yarn… if I finish my two items on the needles (a Color Affection and a Trillian) – must, must hurry – then I will be able to buy yarn. Otherwise I need to bust into stash, but not sure I have colors I want… ( : I bought the pattern, though, cannot wait to see the shawl someday!

    • Me too. I am trying to look to the stash for new projects, too. Almost done my (second) five items. I cheated on my first set and bought a little bit, oops. It is all knit up, though.

  7. Have ordered the Yarn, looking forward to the pattern…

  8. Yeah. I’ve ordered the pattern. Now to go yarn shopping!
    I live on Whidbey Island in Washington state and look over the water of the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Now I can knit Makai while facing Makai.
    Thank you, Mel for another wonderful adventure in creating this pattern and offering this experience.
    I loved Old Man and the Sea both the book and the sweater. It was my first adult knitted sweater. I just love wearing it. I have received many compliments to which I always say it’s the design that makes it so wonderful! I just ordered yarn for another one. The next one is for my daughter.
    Thank you!

  9. Oh goody; another wonderful design. I’ve purchased my pattern and can hardly wait. Now, to dig through my stash to find the perfect yarn.

  10. Lovely!

    I’m even more sure my “mountain merino” – grey blended from white & black sheep by Mountain Meadows Wool in Wyoming – will do just fine for Makai! How funny – to knit this with a yarn born so far from the ocean!!

    thanks, Mel, for a great start to this Wednesday.

    Of course, I haven’t finished The Old Man & The Sea (yet) but I am not known for finishing in a timely fashion. Also, just started Drizzle in another MMW yarn in denim to go with mom’s sweater. The sweater is having a time out while we decide on the neckline.

    What a muse you are, to be sure!

    • I think if I understand the concept correctly, Margaret, you could call yours Mauka! Is that right, Mel? So if a business on the main road there were giving directions they might say if they were on the makai side of the road or the mauka?

      • Cool idea, Liz!

        I like both names, and since our property faces the mountains to the east and has its back to the ocean in the west either one would do!

        thanks for the idea – would that be okay with you, Mel?

  11. Ooooh! I am going to have to head out to look at the ocean from this side of the pond!


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