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I am home. I have so many things to share with you my friends. So many experiences and joys and lessons learned. Laughs and tears and rekindled enthusiasm. I have begun this post several times, deciding finally to “just write” or things will never begin…

Returning home. A mixed bag of emotions is behind those two words that seem so unassuming when typed on this screen. I missed my family dearly and struggled against the joy of being returned to them and saying goodbye to new and old friends from my trip. I was able to see a dear sweet friend, her husband and 3 kids at the start of the trip. She does not knit. We love each other in a way that transcends that huge schism (hahahah…and if you are reading this Kari, I will get you to knit…). One of her daughters crochets. We chatted and laughed and talked at the same time and linked arms as we walked, returning to that moment in time where we last saw each other and picked right up and it was so amazingly wonderful that my eyes are tearing in joyful tears. Isn’t it fun to pick right up where you were last together and having fun? It is a delightful gift we are given to have a common bond to share with a friend. We returned to “Kari and Melissa” and it was fun. What was even better…I visited a YARN SHOPPE with her and the kids! Like a good friend does for a knitting crazed pal, at breakfast my dear Kari googled “yarn shoppes” and there were several in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “There are a few…” she said somewhat amazed. I told her to surprise me and pick one. She did. And it knocked my socks off!

Please keep in mind how

  • A) I haven’t been to a yarn shoppe on the mainland in a looong time
  • B) I am a bit excitable and
  • C) This yarn shoppe was PERFECT!

Kari kept saying I was like a kid in the candy store.  I was in this store with some people I loved. And even though they don’t knit they were incredulous at the beauty seen in the colours and fibers everywhere! Also, they want to knit now. Nothing could have been more perfect!

This a “small” room in the back! A great table, lots of terrific natural light and YARN!!

As one who has not had real life knitting community in some time it was amazingly simple to return to it. I chatted with everyone I saw (“Aloha! REALLY!? This is your yarn shoppe you come to four times a week?? Aloha! What are you knitting?… Aloha! Did you knit that shawl?…Aloha! Can you please my jaw off the floor as I am a bit overwhelmed?”)

Everyone at The Yarn Store At Nob Hill was friendly and filled with aloha. (They are on Facebook with even better pictures!)  There were several people there taking classes and shopping and just visiting together. My friends and I had a blast.

I love my friends

This thoughtful woman balled a couple skeins for me. She was kind and very helpful!

Lots of places to collect yourself =)

Future Knitters! And look behind them at how far back that shoppe goes!

There was a worktable in each room and seats as well!

There are so many more things about the trip I want to share…and I will! I can’t wait. You all were sorely missed. I tweeted and Instagramed* a bit, but you all I know understand how much there is to pack in a short amount of time when visiting those loved ones you never get to see anymore. I look forward later this week to popping on the Rav boards and catching up on my To-Do List for SHK. I will return to all that soon. Right now I am returning to Mom Mel and Wife Mel and Teacher Mel mode (let us not forget Unpacker Mel and Laundry Mel modes…and I dream of Knitter Mel…I just need to unpack her!)

Enjoy the pics! I will be blogging a lot this week in order to catch up and share, but also to give info out on activities we have going on at SHK.

By the way… they LOVED their hats!

Tell me how YOU are! We need to catch up!

With aloha,


*if  you are on Twitter or Instagram you will find me as MSkiKnits!


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  1. Aloha, Mel – glad you had a safe and wonderful trip, and that your homecoming was a happy one.

    I can appreciate your joy at visiting a yarn shop. There are only a few in Brisbane, and none of them anywhere near where I live, so I haven’t been in one for several years myself. There is something to be said for living in a colder climate… Thank you for sharing the joy of it with us :)


  2. Thanks to all of you for commenting! It is great to hear how you are and what you are doing. I hope your knitting has been filled with holiday joy!

  3. I am SO happy for you for every aspect of your trip!! The MOST wonderful thing is to pick up where you left off with a friend you haven’t seen in years. I feel that is the true sign of a wonderful friendship! At least that’s a test i use in my own life! I can’t wait to hear about in your next podcast!!

  4. I can’t believe i just saw you Lynn!!! (I will let you tell everyone about this—do not want to spoil it!) It looked like such a wonderful gift for you to be with friends! I am so thrilled for you! Hope you have a good week getting back into the grove of things! I just finished my ‘For Good’ hat, from the pattern you gifted me! Thank you again! I used up some stash grey yarn, you would love it. And i plan on gifting it to my dad for Christmas. . . but not sure if I will put on a button or not?!
    Currently, I am working on a Crossroads shawl, in honor of Karrie. And some ornaments. . ..and the Lucy hat for my SIL. Have a great day! Allison

  5. Read this post this a.m.

    Didn’t have time to comment.

    Having just finished watching TKG’s most recent episode, I gotta tell ya how much I loved seeing you and Diane and TKG’S. What a hoot.
    Loved all the fun,
    laughing and everyone talking at once.

    Now I truly understand your reluctance to leave the mainland.



  6. so nice to read your words again, Mel. Or are you now to be known as Lynne? :)
    what a fantastic emporium of yarn you visited, I think I’d need a month to explore it fully.
    Looking forward to more of your adventures.
    I hope all the different Mels were given appropriate welcomes by the family?
    btw I still cannot find the link to your pattern of Ravelry, nor received Megan’s pattern. but don’t rush, get sorted at home first.

  7. How wonderful that you shared your joy in visiting a LYS with us. I do love checking out what each shop has in store, such inspiration to be found that adds fuel to our creative aspirations. While I am sure your family feels blessed to have you back, I am so glad you enjoyed your trip!

  8. Aloha dear traveler! So happy you had a wonderful trip and are now home safe!…..I think you had too much fun, and that yarn shop looks amazing! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures, we missed you! I have been knitting Lauriel, by Ysolda…and am designing a new sweater, a cardigan with BUTTONS!

  9. I am so glad you went to the, ‘Nob Hill’ shop. I grew up just south of Albuquerque and when I fly in for visits I always make time for a stop.

  10. Aloha Mel,

    So nice to read your update and hear the joy in your penned voice. Welcome home! Today I am entrenched in Christmas tubs. The goal is to get them repacked and stowed so I can enjoy the spirit of the season without the detritus of the unpacking. Does anyone else marvel at how much decor she has for one season? I love it but the tubs overwhelm me. The joyful news is that I finished the second sock for my son for Christmas. Now I get to cast on for his brother’s pair. You totally inspired me to be more monogamous about my knitting and more importantly to get my WIPs under control. I’m eating that elephant bite by bite! Now off to tame the tubs. Enjoy your day.


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