What Have I Been Missing? {YOU! Silly!}

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What Have I Been Missing? {YOU! Silly!}

It was fun to begin catching up with you upon my return home. There is much more to share about the trip! That will come soon…though you can see by the photo someone learned to spin last week!

For now I wanted to do a bit of “housekeeping” with all the SHK activities and to share with you a book. Here we go!

Pen Pal Haps:

The second theme of the pen pal challenge is up on the Rav board (…and no, I haven’t caught up on Rav just yet. I have however manged to catch up on the laundry, homeschool and medical stuff. Trust me, I would rather be on Ravelry…) The theme or challenge is Repurposed. I had a query about why I haven’t given this challenge more attention. I didn’t intend for any of you participating to get that vibe, so let me take a sec to just give you some clarity. Sound good? I hesitate to offer too many ideas as in my own mind I prefer to allow my own creativity to have lots of space to swirl and twirl and imagine. But I will give you things to consider and hope they are springboards to help you get ready for this! There are so many things we see each and every day that we use for the same daily purpose. In our knitting we are constantly taking our yarn and needles and using them to make a sweater or dishcloth or a toy. For this challenge, suppose we used scrap yarn on some card stock to make a beautiful Christmas card for our pen pal? See the small shift from its daily use to being repurposed for mail art? If you are really stumped (which means after you put your mind to it for a full day looking all around your home or office…) then try this site for a bit of edgy and amazing inspiration. But seriously stretch your own brain first!

The Blanket:

So many beautiful strips! I am going to begin piecing them together this weekend. Perhaps I will be able to show you one or two attached together on the podcast. Some arrived as I was out of town and they are all fantastic! What do you think about this idea: After I sew them together I could back the entire thing with flannel? Even if you were not part of knitting these strips let me know the pros or cons you find with this idea. I keep thinking about it, but I am interested in your take on it!


There is a thread on our Ravelry group about hanging out (which is a virtual google chat). Head over there and see what it is about! For those of you who had me in your circle, I had to change my email address. I do not want to get too much in to it, but I deactivated that address due to some unwanted emails. I will not link the thread nor my email address. If you are in our group you should be able to find it. Please do not repost it anywhere as a courtesy. Mahalo!

A Great Read:

A while ago I was given the opportunity to review Holiday Boutique Knitting and you friends never saw it on a podcast even though I tried 4 different times to review it, including once with my stellar eldest daughter. The book was provided to me by the author in a PDF form, which though easy to read on my iPad, was tricky to show and tell to you all. So I am going to share it with you in pictures. I would first like to thank Mary Jean Daigneault for generously giving me the book. I was delighted when she sent me a pm on Ravelry telling me about it. Holiday Boutique Knitting: Inspired Holiday Decor and Gifts to Knit by Mary Jean Daigneault is an assortment of Christmas decor, stockings, home decor, wreaths, trees and apparel. I must admit straightaway the trees are my absolute favourite. Diagneault captures the beauty of a snow laden tree in a knitted table top version.

{All photos below are from her book and used for the sole purpose of showing you what an amazing job Mary Jean has done with this book!}

The resemblance is beautiful!

There are several home accents that you can knit easily with her straightforward directions. Also included are tips to creatively display your holiday knits. A fun and versatile knit Diagneault has is a wreath, first shown in Christmas colours

Beautiful when created in traditional holiday colours

and then an alternate version in a wintry colourway to keep your door or mantle cheerful after New Year’s has passed.

But equally cheerful to last after the tree has been put away if done in wintry whites and blues!

One thing I find refreshing is her use of that “fun fur” yarn that I either bought half a dozen years ago or was gifted by a family member who thought it had my name written all over it (Hello, my name is Mel, but you can call me Fuzzy-Hairy Fur-like Yarn…) Seriously though, when utilized in some of these patterns the “fur yarn” I don’t ordinarily consider myself a fan of suddenly becomes quite fun and festive as shown in her Mr. and Mrs. Snow pattern

or an accent pillow in a festive red.

With well over 2 dozen pattern to knit for your home or gifts this book is resourceful! It has lovely photos to see what you are making, easy to read and understand directions, helpful suggestions for displaying and extras such as supply sources, templates glossary of terms and a personal note to wrap things up from the author. Her Note To End On was a thoughtful connecting point I appreciated.

This book is beautiful for you to enjoy yourself or could make a great gift with some supplies for one of the smaller projects for you to give a dear knitting friend.

Well my friends, I am glad I have time to catch up with you in words this week!

Alohas and breezes,


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  1. I’m not much of a Christmas person either, but that stuff looks super cute and makes me wish I was more festive.

    Can’t wait to see all the yummy yarns you spin up! So exciting!

  2. I’m glad you are up and spinning! Super review and happy knitting!

  3. I think the flannel backing on the blanket sounds wonderful! very snuggly and probably easier to get all the strips to match up lengthwise without as much puckering? Know what I mean? And if the recipient has sensitive skin where the wool would be scratchy – this would be perfect. You’re brilliant!

  4. Heeeeeey! Fun fur is *my* name. At least according to a former colleague, a ball of wildly variegated fun fur was just **me**.
    But I knit it up, and it turned from a scarf for me into my cat’s favourite security blanket of all times. When she doesn’t feel well, she treads her fun fur blankie and snuggles into it and purrs until all is better.

    Also, what a gorgeous book! I’m not a Christmas person, but this makes me want to cast on some snowmen!


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