You Vote…You Decide…I Am Your MiddleMan

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You Vote…You Decide…I Am Your MiddleMan


Alright guys and gals! It is time to vote for your podcaster choices. Top 2 picks for podcasters (video or audio) will be asked by me to please participate in our KAL. So they do not think me cheeky, after you vote, please send them a pm on Ravelry telling them what you just did and link up the Sock the Vote Info Special so they will have some idea that there is an audience awaiting them…wishing, hoping, praying that they will throw their hat, ….er, rather sock in the race!  (Alerting them may also give them ample time to encourage their friends to elect them to Office!)

Your vote will pick 2 podcasters based on sheer numbers. I plan to pick someone sheerly for my own means! (so many knitters out there that I would love to get to know, and inviting them to join…well, what a great opportunity.)

Now, to clarify, the podcaster will receive a free Party Kit. Don’t worry! They are not taking one of the spots up for grabs. Stephanie and Kiki are donating some goodies for this. Just because we vote and elect them and offer them freebies and our love and adoration…life sometimes just doesn’t go by what we want… so, if the first votes can’t then we will continue down the list! =) Sound Good?

So here is what we are doing:

  1. You vote on this poll below.
  2. In the Comments be sure to say Who you voted for and What Party to Stick them in. (Despite appearances, dictatorship in this instance is much more fun than allowing said podcaster to pick their own party…chortle, chortle, chortle…)
  3. Send your candidate a “Support Your Candidate Letter” Be as silly as you want, but above all be respectful and polite. AND NO GUILT ALLOWED. Encourage them to join in, let them know how fond you are of them, but no hints of disappointment if they don’t get involved. Chances are they have never heard of what we are doing so be sure to link the explanation podcast.
  4. Spread the word on voting for this! Tweet, blog, plurk, FB, knitting group… this is the only spot I am announcing it (simply bc my arm has typed 80 thousand miles this week…)


I wish I could give you a sticker after voting, but alas, I know not how…but be assured YOUR VOTE COUNTS…here and in real life. So please remember to vote in real life this November too!

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  1. The Knitgirlls and Brenda Dayne of Cast On.

  2. Knitgirllls all the way! Top Down! :)

  3. All the podcasts are great and love to watch them but if I had to vote for one, it would be the Knit Girllls and they should be in the Green Party!!

  4. I have to vote for Amy Beth because,,,I just love her face and she gives me a good laugh every week. Il want her to be in the toe up party,,,well, because I like toe up socks..l

  5. I vote for Amy Beth!! LOVE the Fat Squirrel Speaks every week…
    as far as which party….hmmmm she should decide that all by herself!

  6. laura and leslie of the knitgirls

  7. I vote for The fat Squirrel because she is so much fun to watch. I’m putting her in the toe up party.

  8. Perhaps next time we can include Heather Ordover of Craftlit?
    In the mean-time, I voted for David Reidy of Sticks and String. He has commented several times recently that he needs to find an interesting knitting project. The Party? Challenging….I believe he’s not fond of top-down and was tickled to discover Cat Bordhi’s sock designs. Sounds like the “Undecided” party. ;-)

  9. Amy Beth green party

  10. I voted for Stockinette Zombies for the toe-up party.

  11. I enjoy them all, but Amy Beth is my bestie (not that we’ve ever met or anything. ;-). )
    I’d like to see her do a toe- up sock, and share all the details, as she always does so well.
    Amy Beth for a Bright Toe-morrow!!!

  12. Voted for Amy Beth, I am part of her fan club. I too adore her face! To the Green Party she should go because of her love of supporting local yarn and fiber.

  13. I voted for Amy Beth. Toe ups are my rav so that’s what I want her to knit. How long is this voting business gong to last?

  14. Everyone in this group of podcastors is on my FAVORITES list.
    I closed my eyes and randomly, with the help of my kitten, chose
    the knitting zombies to participate.
    Leslie, of the knit girllls is much too busy with her new move and new job.
    Katie is probably spendy every free moment of her time with WENDY and needs a break from all the stress.
    Steven is getting ready for a new school year as is LaLa.
    On and On…all are worthy.

  15. I voted for Amy of Stockinette Zombies. I am a faithful watcher and becoming a sweater knitter due to Megan’s amazing sweaters! Amy should be in the cuff down party.

  16. I voted for Amy Beth of “TheFatSquirrelSpeaks” because she’s totally excited for it. And I’d love her in the Green Party. But it was so hard to choose! Because really, anybody who wants to do it adds excitement and fun which is what I want this to be all about. I’ve heard it mentioned on TheKnitGirllls and Stockinette Zombies, also.

  17. My vote is for the Knit Girllls, they make it fun

  18. AmyBeth!!!! She’d love to be in the Green Party! Love her face!!!!

  19. My vote is TOTALLY for The Knit Girllls!!! They are so inspiring & I’m a new knitter and I have learned SO MUCH from them…I think I have advanced faster because of then!!! I have only done 1 pair of sock & that was top down but would love to learn toe up. Love you both!!!


  20. I vote for Amy Beth because she is totally Ms Awesome-sauce (and I do what she tells me to do)!

  21. Just voted for The KnitGirllls – they totally want in on all the fun & excitement! They should be in the Undecided Party and be required to knit their socks in a new, adventurous way (no after-thought heels, they could do thirty pair in their sleep!), like from the heel or instep or . . .

  22. Amy is over the top excited, which is fun to watch

  23. I voted for Amy Beth because I love her face!! I think she should be on the green team!

  24. My vote is for knit 1 heart2 and party is toe up well done Mel on organisation xxx

  25. I voted for Amy Beth from The Fat Squirrel Speaks!

  26. I voted for Amy Beth because she told us to (and she’s pretty Awesome-sauce).
    Green Party all the way!!

  27. I voted for The Fat Squirrel cause she rocks. I would like her to join the Cuff Down Party.

  28. Amy Beth for the Green Party! Or Steve. Or Stockinette Zombies. Or any of them! But I voted for Amy Beth.

  29. Amy Beth for Cuff Down. Because I love her faces (and she loves mine)!

  30. Amy Beth for the green party! She’s way to rad to be limited by such party lines as toe up or cuff down – it is all about the sheep.

  31. I voted for Amy Beth, ……because she insisted………. and I love her face….. :-) and I think it should be for the Toe Up party.

  32. I voted for Amy Beth! Cause how could I not. Cuff Down!

  33. Really enjoy Denise @ The Knitting Den. Would like to invite her for podcast candidate. “Aloha” to all..

    • Next time around! :) I took a sampling of different recommendations and this year these are it. I would love to see her join in on all the fun in the Green Party! They are the liveliest of the groups thus far

  34. I voted for TheKnitGirllls! I really love their podcast and they would make this KAL a blast I am sure!

  35. I voted for beth and I would say the green party!

  36. The KnitGirllls of course! And toe-up!

  37. I voted for Just One More Row because they introduced me to the world of podcasting! I think they should be in the toe-up party!

  38. I voted for AmyBeth because I love her face. She has that wonderful new String Theory Yarn and so I vote that she join the green party. Thanks!

  39. David Reidy……Top Down

  40. Amy Beth received my vote… Toe up, baby!

  41. Amy Beth gets my vote for the cuff down party!

  42. I voted for AmyBeth.. because I love her face!!! Cuff down!

  43. Oops, not sure about what I just did… I think I voted, but I immediately clicked back… I think what happened is I first selected Brenda Dayne, then clicked The Knit Girllls… I’m guessing now that I unvoted for Brenda by picking a pair of podcasters… ah well, I’d love to hear them all. So I’d vote for cuff down placement.
    I’m new to listening to podcasts, so this process has been a great introduction to additional folk. Thanks!

  44. I voted for David Reidy of Sticks & String, because his is one of the first podcasts I started listening to & I love hearing him talk! I believe that he should knit his socks TOE UP!

  45. I voted for KnitGirlls they should be in the Cuff down party :)

  46. When are you posting the opportunity to sign up? many thanks!

  47. I voted for David Reidy of Sticks & Strings. I love his podcast. Since he’s in Australia it’s always the opposite season from us and that makes it interesting. He’s also a teacher and I enjoy hearing about what he does.

  48. I voted for Amy Beth of Fat Squirrel Speaks.

  49. Stockinette Zombies…cuff down :)

  50. I voted for Tina (Knitting Blooms). She should be in the toe-up party

  51. I voted for Clare of StudentKnits because she knits gorgeous socks, always picks the perfect yarn for them, and because she always does very creative KALs so I thought she would appreciate this one. :-)

  52. The knitgirllls for toe up of course!

  53. I voted for Steve from Dramatic Knits. I needed more votes, that was a hard choice

  54. Knit1Heart2 and I would like to see them in the toe up division.

  55. Stockinette Zombies. Toe up party.

  56. I voted for Amy Beth, she is fabulous. I think she should be in the cuff down party!

  57. I knitted for stokenette zombies. Toe up please!

  58. I voted Knit 1 Geek 2 (Karen and Maggie) and I think they could be placed in any party.

  59. Carin of Round the Twist for the Cuff Down party

  60. I lied – just got to vote again- knitgirllls top down please!

  61. I only voted for one and then could not vote again- whoops- I voted for Megan and Amy and I want them to knit top down!

  62. I voted for Steve of Dramatic knits. He is cuff down all the way!

  63. Amy Beth for the Toe Up party!

  64. Oops! Brenda should be in the toe up party.

  65. I just voted for Brenda Dayne. I wish I could have voted for everybody on the list that I know. I just think they are all great. It came down to Brenda, because I have listened to every one of her shows going back to 2005. She introduced me to the world of knitting podcasts and I would love her for that alone. I was able to take some classes from her while she was on her American tour this spring and now I’m an even bigger fan. Go Brenda!

  66. Voted for Auntie Paula, think she should be in the Cuff Down party!
    looking forward to all the fun!


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